Building sustainable and innovative solutions for recovery and development.
Building a better future in which every child has access to knowledge and quality education.
Building safe homes and dignified shelters for thriving communities.
Building empowered communities with sustainable, just and equitable access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.
Building communities where everyone has their rights protected.
Building communities where every child and woman have dignified access to nutritious food.

Building hope: Beyond crises a prosperous future

Driven by our commitment to humanitarian principles, BINAA bring decade of humanitarian and development experience to the people affected by conflict. Reflecting and capitalizing on our expertise and knowhow in the field. We believe that better development can reduce the need for emergency relief; better relief can contribute to development; and better rehabilitation can ease the transition between the two. BINAA approach goes beyond handing out goods. We engage with communities, local and international organizations, and UN agencies in the region to help people fleeing their homes to cope with the enormous demographic shifts that have taken place, adapt to their new lives and livelihoods, and build resilience.


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BINAA Organization for Development was established in 2013 by a group of Syrian engineers, entrepreneurs and expatriates who have worked in engineering and humanitarian fields in many countries. Rehabilitation and rebuilding affected communities are the core of the BINAA mandate. These include the provision of a safe and decent living environment for the conflict- affected population via the effective utilization of acquired engineering experiences and methodologies, with the aim of restoring destroyed communities by introducing durable solutions, and efficient energy, water and services infrastructure systems.

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