BINAA for Development


BINAA implements services in multiple sectors, including Shelter, Water, sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM), Nutrition, Education, Protection, Food Security, and Early Recovery and Livelihoods in addition to many other programs and initiatives. The Organization considers each of its programs as a communication platform: its teams, volunteers, partners and local communities share their experiences, propose and provide a group of services that address critical needs, and implement feasible and targeted solutions. Benefiting from collective and accumulated experience, these solutions are contextually designed to consider to current and changing realities and to help local communities in a sustainable manner.

BINAA for Development


BINAA approach goes beyond handing out goods. We engage with communities, local and international organizations, and UN agencies in the region to help people fleeing their homes to cope with the enormous demographic shifts that have taken place, adapt to their new lives and livelihoods, and build resilience.

We do this with a focus on dual accountability to the communities whom we are committed to helping and to the donors who trust BINAA to use their resources wisely and effectively.

As a result, we consistently monitor our operational, risk management and transparency processes to ensure that our partners and stakeholders
have access to all project information and updates simultaneously.
BINAA covers services in ten sectors for communities and individuals in need, focusing on food security, shelter & NFI, Early recovery, protection, nutrition, logistics, education, health, CCCM and WASH activities.


Our projects covers wide range of sectors