“The True Blind Is Not Who Can’t See, Its Who Can’t Read Or Write”

With the beginning of the new school year for 2019, displaced people’ suffering in Syria continue as they are fleeing from shelling and explosive barrels and suffering from displaced life and difficult conditions in the light of instability and difficulty of access to safe shelter, in addition to depriving children from access to education due to frequent displacement. This is the case of Ahed Al-Issa 45 years who has not yet been able to find safe shelter for himself and his family since his last displacement.

Ahed tell the story of his suffering with displacement: “My displacement journey started with the shelling over our home town Kafr Awed in Idleb countryside which killed my wife. My children and I have been displaced more than three times and moved between five camps until we settled here near Atma in this random camp.”

Ahed have 5 boys and 1 girl and all of them are out of school.

Ahed continue telling us about his tragedy with displacement: “the repeated displacement has cause me to lose my little girl due to the poor health, food, and living conditions within the camp, where she died a year and a half ago”

Ahed dream is to secure a shelter for his kids where medical services and food items are provided so they can go back to their education as he believes that “The true blind is not who can’t see, its who can’t read or write”