Building a better future in which every child has access to knowledge and quality education.

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School-aged children need education support


Primary and secondary schools damaged and need rehabilitation

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IDP sites are in need of formal and non-formal safe learning spaces


Almost 90% of IDP sites are in need of formal and non-formal safe learning spaces. More than 1 Million School-aged children need education support and at risk of dropping out of school. More than 450 schools are damaged and need rehabilitation works in order to be operational again. Dilapidated learning environments are unconducive
to learning due to overcrowding, lack of school furniture/school supplies, and inadequate heating, lighting and operational WASH facilities. HNO 2023

Education Strategic Objectives

  • Ensure equitable, universal access to safe, high-quality education for all children.
  • Prevent marginalization through reintegrating vulnerable students into an education that builds hope and opportunity.
  • Equip educators with modern skills, knowledge and mindsets to transform young lives.
  • Foster self-learning and resilience in students, especially who dropped out of schools for a long time.
  • Inspire students to realize their potential through research, discovery and pioneering progress.
  • Empower youth through vocational skills, opportunity and employing their talents.
  • Build partnership to improve learning experiences, transform systems and gain accreditation.


BINAA provides safe and adequate learning environments for conflict affected IDPs and host communities’ children through
the rehabilitation of dilapidated classrooms and schools, establishment of classrooms, and provision of school furniture including white boards and student desks. BINAA supports students with learning kits and teachers with monthly incentives to ensure that children have access to quality education and teaching kits. BINAA contribute to increasing children’s resilience in coping with extreme and harsh winters impact through provision of appropriate, gender and age-specific winter clothing kits and fuel for heating.


People Reached with Education Activities
Classrooms constructed
Schools supported with gender sensitive rehabilitation works

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