Airstrikes Destroy Main Water Plant In Syria’s Kafruma As Refugees Suffer Tragic Conditions

The main water station in Kafruma community located in Ma’aret al-Nu’man district, idleb governorate was targeted with air striking by the Syrian Regime and its allies on Sunday evening, November 24, 2019 which led to massive damage to the water station and getting it out of service without any causalities.

Kafruma water station is considered the main water station that provide the community with drinkable water and it has been supported with maintenance and rehabilitation by BINAA Organization for Development in 2017, and provided with power generator and submersible pump and water sterilization system in Aug 2019 donated by UNICEF considering it was not operational nor maintained for several years.
The recent shelling over the station has caused damages to the engines room and operation boards and other utilities in the station which has led to getting the station out of service and depriving more than 25000 people from drinkable water.

We at BINAA Organization condemn and reject this continuous attacks on the humanitarian and civil facilities and depriving civilians from getting their basic rights especially water.

We further call on the international community and UN security council to take the needed measures to stop violations against the international laws and the continuous aggression against civilians and public institutions to avoid any further tragedy.