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Syria, rural Idlib, 2022. Snow accumulated in northern Syria due to the storm that hit the region last January. The picture shows members of the emergency response team during road opening operations.


During the past two weeks, different areas in Syria were subjected to a snowstorm that hit camps in the North and increased the suffering of more than 1.5 million people throughout the region. 

The teams of the Binaa Organization for Development were able to intervene quickly, referring to the emergency response plan that had been developed in advance. This plan included a set of measures to provide a rapid response in case of difficult weather conditions. 

Within the framework of the campaign carried out by Binaa for the rehabilitation and paving of roads in the North, construction teams were able to restore and rehabilitate 27 roads in Maarat Misrin, Idlib. Both renovation and maintenance teams were formed, in addition to emergency response teams.

As the effects of the storm reached camps, the organization launched an emergency response system to help people and worked to open roads with the aim of ensuring possibility and ease of movement. 

Within hours, the storm blocked a number of roads, destroyed hundreds of tents, and forced the displaced to flee again. The thickness of the snow reached 40 cm, which increased the resident’s immediate need for help. 

The teams at Binaa were able to monitor 20 points affected by the storm, including several roads that were blocked because of the accumulation of snow. The response team was able to intervene successfully in 5 points, covering a distance of 2,500 meters and an area equivalent to 15,000 square meters. Through this intervention, the team succeeded in providing emergency assistance in 9 camps (about 22,000 beneficiaries) in the city of Harem.  

Members of the emergency response teams put in a lot of effort to open up roads blocked by snow by using specialized machinery. In addition, they sprayed salt to avoid the formation of ice. 

Binaa Teams rush to open the roads to the camps
Syria, rural Idlib, 2022. A vehicle belonging to the emergency response team during road opening operations while removing accumulated snow due to the storm that hit the area.


Not only did the storm hit the area with snow, but also increased the need for an urgent response to rehabilitate roads damaged by rain. A construction team was able to restore and re-open nearly 12 km of flood-affected roads within an area of 85,000 square meters. 

The team drained water from the main road body, paved and repaired the affected parts, as well as examined the damaged areas that impeded movement and prevented access to camps. 292 camps and villages benefited from these repairs, while the total number of beneficiaries was estimated at 600,000 people in various regions across Idlib Governorate. 

Binaa Teams during snow removing works
Syria, rural Idlib, 2022. Binaa’s emergency response team during road opening operations while removing accumulated snow due to the storm that hit the area. Thanks to prior preparation, the teams were able to open roads leading to 292 camps and villages inhabited by about 600 people. 


Ahmad Al-Abdullah, head of the response team says:

“Emergency teams, in parallel with the restoration and rehabilitation teams of the Binaa Organization for Development, are doing everything in their power and within available resources to meet people’s needs. We were able, through these interventions, to fulfill part of our responsibility. However, we still need additional support and assistance before we can fully achieve our goal of securing all urgent needs and provide a stable and safe life for displaced people and families in Northern Syria.”